31. March 2022.
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It is time to report packaging…

Like in every European country, Croatia took over the extended producer responsibility, EPR into its legislation. In the Waste Management Act are stated the obligations of the product producers or importer which puts products on the Croatian market.

The producer / importer when putting products on Croatian market is obliged to:

  • ensure that the product meets the requirements for that type of product and have conformations about it
  • ensure that the product contains the prescribed label and data
  • have accurate and complete prescribed records about products
  • submit to the authorities the prescribed data on the products
  • on the request of the competent authority, submit evidence of compliance with the requirements
  • ensure that the prescribed information is kept in the sales area. 

The Register of Producers with Extended Responsibility is an electronic database containing data on product producers who are obliged to fulfill the obligations prescribed by the Waste Management Act on  products and quantities of products placed on the market and on fulfilling the obligation to contribute to waste management.

Most often, producers and importers have obligations regarding packaging, WEEE and batteries.

According to the principles of EPR and the Ordinance on Packaging and Waste Packaging, the obligation of the producers is to fulfill the objectives of waste packaging, WEEE and batteries management in proportion to the amount that have been placed on the market, by paying a management fee to the Fund’s bank account, as prescribed by the Regulation.

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